Small Tortoiseshell Gallery


First addition to the new Butterfly gallery is the Small Tortoiseshell and the images can be found here…

These images were taken at Pitstone Windmill a couple of summers ago and were quite unusual as he just sat there and posed for me! It was nice to get shots of the underneath of the butterfly as well as just the usual top view as it really does show the contrast in colours between top and bottom.

Taken with the ring flash to enable the use of a very small aperture to increase the depth of field and try and get as much detail as possible in focus.


Wasp Gallery now up!


Have added a new Insects section to the gallery and the first addition is Wasps, which can be found here..

These shots were taken early last year at Waddesdon Manor where we went to shoot the early snowdrops. It was a chilly morning and we had taken blankets with us so that we could lay on the ground to get some really close shots.

In amongst the snowdrops was this wasp, which due to the cold weather was very immobile and gave a perfect opportunity to get in close, really close. Had taken the whole macro kit with us so decided to add all 3 extension tubes to the camera with a 100mm Macro lens on the end and a recently purchased macro ring flash.

This was very challenging as the depth of field with that level of magnification is very narrow even at F25 and to make matters worse I was shooting hand held! Even though we were cold and tired by the time we got home it was all worth it when we could finally see the results on the Mac.

Chaffinch Gallery now up!


Also taken from the ‘window in the woods’ hide at College Lake near Tring as mentioned earlier in the blog in the squirrels & rabbits post.

Do love this hide and have spent 3 afternoons there this summer just watching the wildlife do it’s thing. This is also the hide that polecats were seen from a couple of years ago but unfortunately I didn’t get that lucky!

These birds were quite inquisitive as they kept looking at the camera every time they heard it click!

The chaffinch gallery is now up and can be found here…

Squirrel and Rabbit galleries now up!


This is the closest I have ever got to a squirrel or a rabbit in the wild when I’ve had my camera with me!

Normally they would run away or see me coming from a mile off but thanks to the ‘window in the woods’ hide at College Lake near Tring I got a very good opportunity to get down to eye level to get some more intimate shots that I wouldn’t normally be able to get.

The ‘window in the woods’ hide is unique in the area in that it has a pond directly in front of  you where the water level is approx 2-3 feet higher than floor level. This gives you the opportunity to set your camera up at one of the windows that is designed to let you see directly across the water mere inches above the water line. Very useful but quite cramped!

Squirrels can be found in the gallery here… and rabbits here…

Red Kite Gallery now up!


Red Kites are a wonderful sight to see and we are lucky enough to be very close to where they were successfully re-introduced into the country.

They were the perfect choice for my first dedicated project after I had finally managed to sell enough of my kit to fund a new Gitzo tripod and Wimberley head to accompany the new lens I had been lucky to get just before Christmas.

With various locations including Lower Winchendon, Princes Risborough, Chris’s Cafe near Stokenchurch and finally Watlington, I have been lucky enough to shoot behaviour including aerial grappling, following tractors to get worms, mating, going to the toilet (!) soaring above the hills and more recently fishing!

Have a very large amount of Red Kite images to share, the first batch of which are now ready to view here.. and will be added to over the following months as the evenings draw closer and shooting opportunities dwindle.

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