Coot Gallery now up!


Along with the Mandarin Ducks, Moorhens and ducklings posted previously in the blog most of these images were taken down the Wendover Arm.

Have to admit that the newly hatched chicks do look rather ugly, a face only a mother could love! They do start to look a lot better as they get older though as the 2 juvenile photos taken at Tring reservoirs show!

They have very large feet for their size and I’m hoping to get a close up of them in the future when I get the opportunity.

Coots including chicks and juveniles can now be found in the Coot gallery here…

Moorhen Gallery now up!


Part of the Coot family, Moorhens are very common in the UK with these birds yet again coming from the Wendover Arm with the nest being right at the end of the canal in the centre of the village.

The nest shots were taken as the light was fading and were also in the shade. Given the high ISO and low shutter speeds that were used I was very pleased at how these turned out.

Moorhens including chicks can now be found in the Moorhen gallery here…

Duckling Gallery now online!


Just uploaded my favourite duckling shots of this year, beware though, cute alert!

Another series of shots taken down the Wendover Arm.

It wasn’t until I got myself lying down on the ground and started to track these ducklings that I found out just how fast they can move! Because of this I’m quite relieved to get these shots in focus as they came so close at times that the depth of field was very shallow.

The green backgrounds were also unexpected, yet welcomed as they are different and were caused by being as close as possible to the height of the water with reed beds approx 30-40 feet behind them.

The duckling gallery can be found here..

Mandarin Duck Gallery now up!


The first in a series of galleries that was taken down the Wendover Arm canal.

This area is a haven for wildlife as it is not attached to the main canal network and has been closed off and left to it’s own device for many years. With no boat traffic the wildlife can thrive down here.

The Male Mandarin Duck has to be one of the most elaborately coloured birds introduced to the British Isles and can be very shy, normally hiding in trees along the waters edge. Even though these shots were taken in the shade you can see the enormous range of colours in these birds.

The Mandarin Duck Gallery has just been uploaded and can be found here..

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