From a back garden…


Having recently joined Buckingham Camera Club and making a few new friends I was asked ‘fancy shooting a couple of little owls?’ Well that was an offer I could not refuse so early this morning I found myself in Colin’s back garden!

Whilst a little too far away for some close up shots it was a treasure trove of activity and I wasn’t even hidden in the hide! From a squirrel as soon as I set up to Jackdaws, Wood Pigeons, Rooks, Starlings a Red Legged Partridge and even a Greater Spotted Woodpecker flying into shot unexpectedly, there was plenty to keep me occupied until one of the little owls plucked up the courage to come out whilst I was stood there waiting for him!

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Kingfisher up close – Work in Progress!


Ended up trying a new location on Monday after arriving at ‘my hare field’ to find it being ploughed!

Amazingly within an hour it was another confirmed kingfisher location with at least 2 birds landing from distances varying from around 200 yards to 20 feet!

To cut a long story short I went there for a couple of hours the following evening to put in my first stick, to try and get even closer and followed it up this morning to see if they would like it. It took a few hours but they have certainly taken to it! The bad news is that the light is in the wrong direction in the mornings so will be heading back at the weekend to hopefully get some great shots in the afternoon.

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That ain’t no Hare!


As mentioned in my last post I had decided to concentrate on hares as my next project and had spent a couple of evenings since then confirming the location definately had hares there.

The weather was forecast to be cloudy / sunny for both sunrise and sunset so it was decided to do both! Was up before dawn this morning and on arrival at the field the stench confirmed that the field had been muck spread since my previous visit! Still, I setup in my portable hide, inches away from the muck by 6.30am and waited and waited and waited.

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Kingfishers again!


Having finally got some decent kingfisher shots at the tail end of last week I decided to go back again this morning to try and get closer and hopefully get some good shots! Have added our favourites of the day to the Kingfisher Gallery here.

Have learnt 2 main things today:-

1. Kingfisher colours change depending on the light.

2. I’m not very well prepared to handle inclement weather out in the field!

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Kingfisher at last!!


With a great sense of happiness, relief from frustration and after many, many, many pre-dawn early rises I’m very chuffed to finally get some decent kingfisher shots!

This has been a labour of love over the last 5-6 weeks or so after a location tip off from a friend who is a keen fisherman. My first pre-dawn stakeout confirmed that there were definately kingfishers down this stretch of river and I had what I thought was a favourite stick that I could pitch my portable hide in front of, which I did for the next 3 mornings or so where we had good weather.

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