Gallery Updates Galore – 2!


Continuing with the theme of ‘lots of updates through the winter evenings’ it’s time to add some more images to the galleries!

Whilst I feel my best shots are already on the site as most were taken this year it has meant that the ‘back catalogue’ has been neglected a little. The main reason for this is that there is not much wildlife in it!

Looking through some of the images, it is obvious that I have been shooting wildlife since my photography hobby began, but only this year have I taken it a lot more seriously. Some of the images added may not be up to my usual standard because of this though!

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Wimberley WH-200 Gimbal Head Review


After my first ever review of my new bag, the Tamrac Evolution 9 went on for 3 pages I said to myself ‘the next one will be shorter!’ Sure enough this one is only one page long!

The Wimberley WH-200 gimbal head might be one of the least glamorous pieces of kit in my arsenal, but oh my is it one of the best! It is also one of my most important pieces of kit as it helps me use my heavy, long and expensive lens with ease!

The review is now live and can be found in the reviews section here!

An afternoon at Upper Ray Meadows

Upper Ray Meadows, Birds

This afternoon found us back out along the Bicester Road on an owl hunt.

This time, with a little more research, we found out that they had a couple of bird hides there, with some decent off road parking that is not obvious at first sight.

We met a couple of twitchers in the car park who told us about the kestrels over the meadows with the possibility of maybe something else a little special making an appearance, so off we went to find the hides.

The first hide we came to overlooked a small lake / large pond and to be honest, we couldn’t really see anything from there, so walked around to the second one.

When we got there, there was a little excitement with 2 scopes trained on a buzzard sat on a fence so got the camera out straight away to see what I could get. Not that much was the answer as the bird, in fact all the birds were just too far away for some decent pictures.

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Gallery Updates Galore!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the site for me!

Showcase section was added to with the story of the Red Kite mating shots I took earlier in the year, blog post was added for the A*200mm Macro arrival with a visit to the Butterfly Farm to add pictures, a couple of evenings were spent in my cousins’ studio taking ‘product shots’ of my kit for the site, then my first review and the reviews section was added to the website!

With work as well, it’s been a tiring time as told in the ‘car hide’ blog post! With all the extra exciting stuff going on it really is time to get back to the images and add more of them to the galleries! There were plenty of pages and images to add which consist of:-

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Car Hide & Roadkill!


This one makes me chuckle thinking about it even now!

My first review which has just gone live, took quite a considerable time to write and layout, so much so that I was going right through til 4am Monday morning! There were very nearly as many beers drunk as hours taken!

Monday was going to be a lazy day then! A very late start, sometime between 1 & 2 pm (!) led to me dragging myself out of bed thinking ‘I have to do something, it’s sunny!’ So less than half an hour later I was fully kitted out….. and in McDonalds.

So… after breakfast it was around 2:30 pm and the plan was, an owl hunt. Fiona had recently received an email from BBOWT where they had mentioned that they had bought some land along the Bicester Road and that they had regular owl sightings there.

Before long I found myself parked on a grass verge looking into a field. Not much to see apart from a couple of crows, a robin and a pheasant. After a few minutes I thought it might be worth getting out there with the kit but couldn’t work out why it was so slippy, til I looked at my feet and saw my work shoes! Yup, I hadn’t even realised that I didn’t even have my boots on!

‘Oh well, drive around and look for owls then’, I said to myself, ‘don’t just go home and do the washing up while it’s still sunny!’ Easier said than done on the busy A41 , but a huge sunroof does have it’s uses! A couple of Red Kites caught my eye, but still no owl.

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