Short Eared Owls – Part 2!


Went back to Maidwell in Northamptonshire for the Short Eared Owls today as the sun was out! Compared to last week the light was just wonderful, not a cloud in the sky and not only that, Martyn and I had more company in the shape of Vic, another fellow forum member.

Hopes were very high for some good well lit shots but as with last week there was an ingredient missing, last week it was the light, this week it was the owls! Two hours we stood there, nothing! Later in the afternoon though they came out to play but were too far away!

Martyn had decided to get all camouflaged up and hide a lot closer under a tree which ended up being a good call as that was where all the action was, so time to pick up all the heavy kit and walk off to the top of the opposite hill!

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Short Eared Owls


Regular followers of the blog will know that I have been trying to seek out some owls that had been reported locally for a few weeks now with no luck at all! This calls for a change of tactics!

With a large influx of Short Eared Owl shots appearing on forums around the web, a quick search found that the area around Maidwell seemed to be a hot spot for them so decided to go and have a look on boxing day. Unfortunately my search came up with nothing, mainly because I didn’t know where to look!

Following a conversation online, I met up with a fellow forum member, Martyn, who was going to show me where to look and sure enough as soon as I entered the field there was an owl flying low above it! So much for a few weeks search, this little fella was just showing off!

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Cracking start to the New Year!


First of all I would like to say that I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and to wish you all the very best for the New Year!

We’ve decided to get the New Year off to a good start with the focus on New Year’s Day being to start emptying our ‘office’ to convert it into a proper photo studio. That might sound a little more glamorous than it actually is but we are very excited with the idea of turning our 12 foot square brick shed that has just been used for storage for the past few years into something more useful.

There is a lot of work to do and we are amazed at the amount of stuff we have collected over the years and we can see an awful lot of eBay listings in our near future. We will take pics along the way and let you know how it is progressing in due course especially as we plan to rent the studio out when it’s up and running!

The other good news that has got me really excited is how well my images have done in a local competition this evening. This evening saw the 2nd round of a local inter-club competition known as the Rosebowl where clubs show their best images to compete against other clubs. Fiona and myself both go to Imagez camera club based in Weston Turville near Aylesbury which is part of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs.

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