It’s snow time!


With a nice fall of snow on Saturday evening it was a very easy decision to put ‘project studio’ on hold to go out and try and get some wildlife in snow shots! So, early Sunday morning I found myself in the tent, lying in 2-3 inches of snow in front of a hedgerow with an enormous amount of footprints around it.

This was a new location right on the edge of Aylesbury that I had checked out the week before and had seen a brief glimpse of a fox, muntjac deer and mice there so knew I was onto a winner. A chat with a local dog walker also confirmed there were a lot of hares and rabbits there too, result!

So there I was, lying on a thick sleeping bag in the tent waiting for something, anything, to come out in the snow to get a wonderful winter shot and the only thing I saw, after nearly 3 hours, was a little yappy type dog come running at me, great I thought, not going to get anything now.

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