Gitzo GT5562GTS Review now live!


The review for my new Gitzo GT5562GTS tripod is now live in the reviews section!

Thanks again to my cousin Dave for the use of his studio for the product shots and also to my wife Fiona who took the comparisons shots and those with me in it showing the main differences!

So, to find out why I have replaced one of my favourite pieces of kit with a new £1,000+ tripod, head on over to the review which can be found here!

Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury – Part 2


Monday was forecast as being a sunny day, all day, so a photo day it had to be! Got up before dawn to get down to the council offices hoping to get a sighting of the Peregrine Falcons and as soon as I got there I could see one sat on the edge of the platform. Great!

Rushed to set the kit up and grab some shots before it flew away but realised that I could have took my time as she was there for the next 4 hours or so that I was there! Not an awful lot happened in that time, the male flew over and they disappeared on top of the roof for 2 minutes, the female only left for a few minutes in total during that time and the male sat on a window ledge for a short while.

Not much action but definite confirmation that they are here and hopefully they will be lucky in raising some young. Will definately keep checking back on them over the coming months!

Meanwhile I have added a Birds of Prey page in the Birds gallery to put the Peregrine Falcon gallery page into. Whilst these are not the greatest of images due to the Brutalist architecture background please do note that the tower is over 200 ft tall and these were taken with a K-7 whilst the K-5 was away for repair!

Great Crested Grebes


Spring is most definately here and with so much going on it can be hard to concentrate on one thing but with the excellent weather we had last Sunday I was determined to at least try to capture the Great Crested Grebes doing their mating dance. These are one of my favourite birds so this one is very high up on my list!

So off we went scouting the usual locations for grebes, finding us around the Tring and Weston Turville reservoirs. No action was to be seen at all and the only grebes we did find were so far away that the camera didn’t even come out of the bag, feeling a little disappointed we ended up at Watermead in Aylesbury where we had seen grebes last year.

Oh how I wished we had just come here first! The sun was shining, coots were mating, ducks were soaking in the sunshine at your feet without a care in the world, there were 2 cormorants on the raft in the lake and a pair of grebes displaying to each other!

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Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury town centre


Keeping an eye on the latest sightings section of can come in rather handy! Monday afternoon I could be found at the bottom of the council tower in town after reading that there were a pair of Peregrine Falcons possibly nesting and mating on the tower!

Off I walked into town with new and taller Gitzo GT5562GTS tripod to keep a beady eye on the top of the tower but have to report that the only news I have is that I believe I saw one land on top of the tower as there were a load of feathers flying around from where he landed, probably having his dinner!

This one will be an ongoing project as it is very conveniently within walking distance from home which helps keep the petrol bill down and means that it will be very easy to keep an eye on them around working commitments.

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Chinese Water Deer


Whilst out Bittern hunting I saw some movement in the reeds and followed it thinking I’d found one and out popped a Chinese Water Deer! It was an unexpected surprise as I didn’t even know they existed let alone seen one before!

Light was awful, shutter speed low at 3200 ISO, so not the best of settings but pleased I got him before he ran off. The better ones can be found on the new Chinese Water Deer gallery page here.

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