Close encounter with a Cormorant


This morning I decided to get up early to sit in a bird hide for a few hours to toughen me up a bit as I’ve not been out shooting as often as I would have liked recently and found myself on Gallows Bridge Farm on Upper Ray Meadows.

Somehow I managed to get up early enough to be setup and ready to shoot in the hide before sunrise hoping that the pond area would be a bit flooded (it was!). The plan was to get some shots of some waders at the edge of the water or perhaps one of the hares that I know is there but unfortunately the only thing as far as the eye could see was crows & rooks!

It was a bit boring to say the least but I was determined to stick it out for a while to see if I could get lucky, when nearly an hour in, I heard a noise from under the hide! It was tough sat there waiting for whatever it was to come out rather than stick my head out of the hide, but before I could see what it was the Cormorant had clocked me and was flying off!

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Gallery updates!


Thought it was about time that I added some gallery updates as not only have I been neglecting the site a bit whilst setting up gallery thirty one but I realised I had a lot of images that really should already have been there after I started getting back into the swing of things when the waxwings came to town!

First up are 3 new entries to the Robins page after a walk around the local reservoirs with @Bucksnaturetog, @Ryanclarkphotos and @FionaEwersPhoto a few weeks ago, it was here that I also got some shots of 2 swans in flight and realised that I didn’t have a swans page on the site! So, next up is the Mute Swans page! Whilst shooting the Waxwings I also got my best shots of a Pied Wagtail, so you guessed it, there is now a Pied Wagtail page too!

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American Buff-bellied Pipit in Berkshire!


It was a quiet relaxing evening at home last Saturday night, Match of the Day on in the background and iPad in hand reading through my twitter feed, until we started reading of a very rare bird sighting. An American Buff-bellied Pipit had been spotted at the Queen Mother Reservoir and was causing a stir!

From what we know, this was only the 2nd recorded sighting ever of one of these little fellas on the UK mainland, so research quickly started and we found out that 367 people had turned that day to view him, a Berkshire record!

So, planned shopping trip was cancelled, weather reports checked, google maps and street view studied and twitter conversations ensued until gone midnight as we arranged to meet @Ryanclarkphotos for a 6.30am start!

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Success in local Competitions!


It’s been a good week!

Tuesday evening saw one of the recent Waxwing shots get a 20 out of 20 in a competition at ImageZ Camera Club! I was especially chuffed with this one, as it had been a few months since I had been out with the camera and could quite possibly be my favourite shot of the year!

Thursday evening was the selection evening for Photo Images 2013. Photo Images is an exhibition held in Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury every year and is organised by Aylesbury Camera Club, the exhibition is open from midday on 8th Jan 2013 – 2nd Feb 2013. The exhibition is open to entries from all CACC (Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs) member clubs and attracted entries from  101 photographers with over 400 images entered.

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