Fieldfares Finally!


It’s only taken a week but now Mrs E and myself have finally got round to sorting through well over 400 photos of Fieldfares that were taken after our recent snowfall!¬†These were by far the better photos taken on the day which is why it’s taken quite a while to go through them!

The new Fieldfare gallery page is now live and can be found here!

More Snowy Gallery Updates!


Continuing with images from Mondays shoot in the snow at Fairford Leys are some more firsts for both myself and the website. Some of these are not my best work I’ll admit (especially the Redwings as I just could not get them out in the open!), so these will probably get replaced as and when I get some better shots!

Still, I’m excited to get so many new species on the site especially as I shot them all on the same day! There are still more to come (there are over 400 Fieldfare shots to go through so I’m saving the best til last!), so until then, please do have a look through the new additions linked below!

Goldfinch Gallery Page

Siskins Gallery Page

Redwings Gallery Page

It’s Been Snowing Again!


We had snow again this weekend but even though it started on the Friday morning, due to unavoidable work commitments I couldn’t get out with the camera until Monday morning. Eager to get out and about after dropping Mrs E off at work, I found myself just round the corner in Fairford Leys.

Todays target was Waxwings in the snow! Alas, even though they were around the day before, they were elusive all day. Still, not to be deterred I stayed around all day getting a few firsts for me. Fieldfares were in abundance, along with many others.

There’s a lot of shots to go through from the day, so I’ve started off (as there were not that many to go through!) with Meadow Pipits which are a first timer on the site. The new Meadow Pipits gallery page can be found here. Also a bonus from my Close encounter with a Cormorant shoot a month back is a new Greenfinch gallery page!

Website Refresh!


It seems I can’t leave the site alone at the moment! Hot on the heels of finding out how best to use the Portfolio Item feature in WordPress I’ve made the decision to tweak the site to give more emphasis to the images themselves.

Following on from the gallery updates earlier in the year, I’ve removed most of the direct links to each gallery page from the menus! This might seem strange at first but the theory is that you will see more images this way as you need to click through each section to get to an individual species page.

The advantage of this approach is that I can use different images for each sections thumbnail, which gives you the opportunity to see an image you might not normally see. It’s been a lot of work to change it all around but I think the results have been worthwhile!

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Duckling for Breakfast!

After 9 months, I’ve finally finished the latest page for the showcase titled ‘Duckling for Breakfast‘!

It’s taken me a while to make the decision to publish this these images of a Gull taking a duckling as they are distressing, but I do believe they deserve to be seen. Please be warned though, viewer discretion is advised if you are easily upset!

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