Gallery Updates Galore!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the site for me!

Showcase section was added to with the story of the Red Kite mating shots I took earlier in the year, blog post was added for the A*200mm Macro arrival with a visit to the Butterfly Farm to add pictures, a couple of evenings were spent in my cousins’ studio taking ‘product shots’ of my kit for the site, then my first review and the reviews section was added to the website!

With work as well, it’s been a tiring time as told in the ‘car hide’ blog post! With all the extra exciting stuff going on it really is time to get back to the images and add more of them to the galleries! There were plenty of pages and images to add which consist of:-

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Small Tortoiseshell Gallery


First addition to the new Butterfly gallery is the Small Tortoiseshell and the images can be found here…

These images were taken at Pitstone Windmill a couple of summers ago and were quite unusual as he just sat there and posed for me! It was nice to get shots of the underneath of the butterfly as well as just the usual top view as it really does show the contrast in colours between top and bottom.

Taken with the ring flash to enable the use of a very small aperture to increase the depth of field and try and get as much detail as possible in focus.


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