Gallery Updates Galore – 2!


Continuing with the theme of ‘lots of updates through the winter evenings’ it’s time to add some more images to the galleries!

Whilst I feel my best shots are already on the site as most were taken this year it has meant that the ‘back catalogue’ has been neglected a little. The main reason for this is that there is not much wildlife in it!

Looking through some of the images, it is obvious that I have been shooting wildlife since my photography hobby began, but only this year have I taken it a lot more seriously. Some of the images added may not be up to my usual standard because of this though!

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Gallery Updates Galore!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks on the site for me!

Showcase section was added to with the story of the Red Kite mating shots I took earlier in the year, blog post was added for the A*200mm Macro arrival with a visit to the Butterfly Farm to add pictures, a couple of evenings were spent in my cousins’ studio taking ‘product shots’ of my kit for the site, then my first review and the reviews section was added to the website!

With work as well, it’s been a tiring time as told in the ‘car hide’ blog post! With all the extra exciting stuff going on it really is time to get back to the images and add more of them to the galleries! There were plenty of pages and images to add which consist of:-

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Wasp Gallery now up!


Have added a new Insects section to the gallery and the first addition is Wasps, which can be found here..

These shots were taken early last year at Waddesdon Manor where we went to shoot the early snowdrops. It was a chilly morning and we had taken blankets with us so that we could lay on the ground to get some really close shots.

In amongst the snowdrops was this wasp, which due to the cold weather was very immobile and gave a perfect opportunity to get in close, really close. Had taken the whole macro kit with us so decided to add all 3 extension tubes to the camera with a 100mm Macro lens on the end and a recently purchased macro ring flash.

This was very challenging as the depth of field with that level of magnification is very narrow even at F25 and to make matters worse I was shooting hand held! Even though we were cold and tired by the time we got home it was all worth it when we could finally see the results on the Mac.

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