Chinese Water Deer


Whilst out Bittern hunting I saw some movement in the reeds and followed it thinking I’d found one and out popped a Chinese Water Deer! It was an unexpected surprise as I didn’t even know they existed let alone seen one before!

Light was awful, shutter speed low at 3200 ISO, so not the best of settings but pleased I got him before he ran off. The better ones can be found on the new Chinese Water Deer gallery page here.

Donna Nook Seals – Cute Alert!


Have been wanting to go to Donna Nook to shoot the breeding season of the Grey Seal colony there for the last few weeks and finally got my chance this weekend. The weather report was clear, relatively warm with a touch of mist in the morning, but it turned out to be fog, fog with thick fog all day!

Having had a day out with the Red Deer where it was foggy until 11am recently, I was really hoping this wouldn’t be the same, but it wasn’t, it was worse! Having read a few reports from other photographers around the web we decided that it was best to get there early not just for the early light but for a space in the car park!

We made arrangements with a couple of new friends we had made at a local camera club to leave early so set the alarm clock at 3.30am and left just after 4am thinking we would get there in plenty of time. The plan was sound until we reached the edge of town and hit thick fog which lasted around 95% of the way so was pleased that we made good time doing 160 miles in 4 hours, going the longer M1 / A46 route rather than the original cross country scenic route we had planned.

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Red Deer in thick fog at Richmond Park


For the 3rd weekend in a row, there was good weather forecast for a cracking dawn start. Having missed the previous 2 weekends mist by just under an hour I was determined not to miss it this time, so much so that I was in the queue waiting for the gates to open!

Well… need not have got up so early as what I thought would be some good mist for some atmospheric shots turned into heavy fog! It was so foggy that the last 2 shots showing the early morning mist in the Red Deer gallery were taken around 10.45 am, yup not around 3 hours earlier as expected but nearly 11am!

That’s it for the rut this year for me, will definately be back next year with Bushy Park on the destination list.

Have added my favourites of the day to the Red Deer gallery and if you missed it the XXX rated adult gallery is here!

Red Deer at Richmond Park – Rutting & Mating!


With the Deer Rut well and truly on we went down to Richmond Park last Sunday nice and early to see if we could capture any rutting action. Unfortunately we were not as early as we would have liked and we missed most of the first hour of the glorious Indian summer weather that we had that week.

It was however a glorious day with plenty of deer bellowing and the occasional rut in the distance and we spent plenty of time just watching them go about their day. This didn’t last that long as it was so hot that most deer decided to just sit in the shade….

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Squirrel and Rabbit galleries now up!


This is the closest I have ever got to a squirrel or a rabbit in the wild when I’ve had my camera with me!

Normally they would run away or see me coming from a mile off but thanks to the ‘window in the woods’ hide at College Lake near Tring I got a very good opportunity to get down to eye level to get some more intimate shots that I wouldn’t normally be able to get.

The ‘window in the woods’ hide is unique in the area in that it has a pond directly in front of  you where the water level is approx 2-3 feet higher than floor level. This gives you the opportunity to set your camera up at one of the windows that is designed to let you see directly across the water mere inches above the water line. Very useful but quite cramped!

Squirrels can be found in the gallery here… and rabbits here…

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