Gitzo GT5562GTS Review now live!


The review for my new Gitzo GT5562GTS tripod is now live in the reviews section!

Thanks again to my cousin Dave for the use of his studio for the product shots and also to my wife Fiona who took the comparisons shots and those with me in it showing the main differences!

So, to find out why I have replaced one of my favourite pieces of kit with a new £1,000+ tripod, head on over to the review which can be found here!

New arrival – Gitzo GT5562GTS!


Monday 5th March saw us attend the Focus on Imaging exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, not to see the D4 – D800 – 1DX – 5D Mk3 like almost everyone else but to get ideas, see Andy Rouse and Luke Massey with their nature photography and to pester Brian Worley on the Canon stand (our club president!).

The main port of call for me was the Gitzo stand where their catalogue promised a 4 section extra long version of the 5 series tripod in the revamped systematic range. This interested me as the only complaint I had with my existing GT5541LS tripod has the lack of height when wanting to shoot high things, thinking about the Peregrine Falcons on the council tower in Aylesbury as an example.

To cut a long story short, there was a misprint in the catalogue, there was not going to be a GT5542XLS that I would have liked but I ended up ordering the Giant GT5562GTS instead even though I went to the show expecting not to spend any money. All will be revealed in the upcoming review, hopefully next week!

Wimberley WH-200 Gimbal Head Review


After my first ever review of my new bag, the Tamrac Evolution 9 went on for 3 pages I said to myself ‘the next one will be shorter!’ Sure enough this one is only one page long!

The Wimberley WH-200 gimbal head might be one of the least glamorous pieces of kit in my arsenal, but oh my is it one of the best! It is also one of my most important pieces of kit as it helps me use my heavy, long and expensive lens with ease!

The review is now live and can be found in the reviews section here!

Reviews section now live!

Post_Tamrac_Evolution 9

It may have taken a while but I’m pleased to announce that the reviews section has gone live this evening! First up is my latest camera bag, the Tamrac Evolution 9 which was strangely bought to replace 3 other bags!

There will be more reviews added over the coming weeks when I get the chance but they may not be as concise as this one due to the length of time it took! The most likely suspects will be my other bag, tripod and head as I took loads of ‘product shots’ of these at the same time as the ones for this review.

Many thanks to my cousin Dave for the use of his studio to take the ‘product shots’ for the reviews, it was my first time shooting with studio lights so please don’t be too critical with the images!

The review can be found here!

New arrival – Pentax A* 200mm F4 Macro Lens


Having got back from Donna Nook a couple of weeks ago completely shattered, it was not easy to stay up until just past 10pm to wait for an auction to finish on eBay, but glad I did as I won it!

Lens arrived very swiftly and well packaged and I’m one happy bunny! Even though I’ve had to sell a lens and a camera to pay for it, the sacrifice to own of the legendary macro lenses was very easy to make.

Took it for a test run last weekend to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford Upon Avon to find out that it will take a lot of patience to get the best out of it, but very excited with what I have seen so far.

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