Getting the best URL for your Facebook page.


Whilst looking through some wildlife photographers Facebook pages I noticed that some URLs had the format whilst mine and others were of a longer format similar to As I’m a fan of keeping things clean and simple, it was time for some research!

A quick google and a few minutes later, as the image above shows, and I was done! As long as your page has less than 200 likes, just log into your account and go to follow the instructions and as long as the name you want is available, you’re done!

Portfolio items in WordPress makes exciting gallery news!


Have spent some time over the last few weeks on the website, tidying things up, rearranging pages to add families in the birds section (e.g. adding ‘rails’ and putting coots & moorhens in there), also for future ease of use (e.g. finches, pipits, wagtails, swans etc.), and to investigate other ideas with what I could do to improve the site.

Eureka! Found it totally by accident and can’t even remember how! Each image that goes into the gallery becomes a ‘portfolio item’ in WordPress, this means that each portfolio item has it’s own dedicated webpage! Now I can directly link to one image alone if I want to highlight a particular image! This is particularly great for using on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter etc.

The byproduct of this is that I can add a description to each image without affecting the clean look of the site and it is also possible to leave comments on individual images like this, so good or bad, please do let me know what you think! This feature is already in place on some gallery pages and I will manually add it to all the others whenever I get some spare time.

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