Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury – Part 7


With the chicks getting larger all the time, Wednesday was just about getting more shots of them before they lose all of their down feathers. It’s hard to believe that they are only 4 weeks old and almost the same size as their parents!

So, back to the pub! Well, set up in front of the pubs anyway, as the view from outside the Slug and Lettuce is about the best compromise of angle and distance to try and get decent shots of the chicks. Of course this only works if they get nearer to the front of the nest box!

Luckily as soon as I had set up, Mum decided to fly off and leave them on their own, so the chicks were in curious mode. Precariously they edged their way to the front of the nest and peered over giving me my best shots of them so far.

As they are developing they are also spreading and flapping their wings a lot more so I hope I don’t miss them when they finally get the courage to take their first flight. If they do still use the nest to roost I’m hoping to get some good shots of them in flight and learning how to hunt with their parents.

Of course, pointing a great big lens up into the sky in the car park outside the pub does get you some attention! It was good to spend some time talking with strangers, those who didn’t know, those that did, those that were asking how they were doing and those that wanted a closer look. It was good to speak to you all and have an extra look out as well!

If you do see me out and about and have any questions or just want to nose through the camera, then please do ask, I don’t bite! All of these, as usual are enlargeable and in the gallery.