Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury – Part 8


Even with all the Jubilee celebrations I still found myself in the car park outside the Slug and Lettuce on Monday as I just cannot keep away from the Peregrines! It’s only been 4-5 days since my last visit and it is clear that they are still growing rapidly.

Their down feathers are almost all gone now with their adult plumage coming through stronger on a daily basis. So much so that where I thought that one of the chicks was plucking a pigeon himself, he was actually plucking the down from himself!

They were displaying well and even though we had very poor light the shots of them flapping and testing their wings came out surprisingly well. You can also see their change of colour in these pictures too, they most definately are not white balls of fluff anymore!

Whilst there for 2-3 hours I was lucky to see both of the parents on the nest for a moment with one of them feeding the chicks for a short while, a lot easier to see now the chicks are bigger! Another interesting piece of behaviour that I caught was one of the chicks er…making a deposit over the edge to help keep the nest tidy a bit!

The chicks are very vocal now and can be heard from the car park quite easily. They seem to be calling a lot to their parents now, possibly letting them know they are hungry? One parent arrived with no food, was screamed at and left quite quickly!

It looks like it won’t be long until the chicks start to fly, just hope that I’m there when they do, until the next time, enjoy these images (my favourites from over 400 taken this visit!) which are enlargeable and in the Peregrine Gallery Page.