Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury – Part 9


With the chicks gaining more courage by the day, this morning I decided to get in closer than I have been recently hoping that the chicks would get right to the edge so I could get some better quality shots of them.

Not only that but it was the first time in a few weeks that I decided to go in the morning hoping that the forecasted sunshine would also give me some good shutter speeds. It didn’t quite go to plan though as the wind kept them firmly tucked up at the back of the nest!

The wind took it out of me a bit as well, so off I went into town to get some breakfast and to warm up a bit. When I got back later though things had definately improved, the chicks were both out, right on the edge of the nest box testing their wings and flapping them around.

In todays shots you can also see them removing what little they have left of their down feathers and what looks like going down the side of the main box to retrieve some prey that had been left there earlier.

The other interesting news was that the parents were, we believe, attempting to lure the chicks out of the nest by constantly flying around the nest, using the wind at times to appear near stationary and calling at them. As these shots show, they definately look like they could be ready for their first flights but instead of being encouraged by their parents they decided to hide at the back of the box instead!

Will try and get back there very soon so enjoy the images and as usual they are enlargeable and in the Peregrine Gallery Page.