Whilst I am not a professional photographer by any means, the experiences I have gained over the last few years with the equipment that I have used may come in useful in helping you come to a decision with that next purchase! Being one that is always willing to help it was obvious that the review section would eventually be added!

If you have already visited the gear page of the website, you will know that I shoot with Pentax equipment, so if you are looking for reviews for other brands of cameras and their lenses then unfortunately I am unable to help, however for those that are looking for reviews on Pentax equipment, I hope that I can help over time! Going through the list on the gear page should give you an idea of which items will be coming up here for review as and when the time becomes available to add them.

It should be noted that in no way am I a professional reviewer! All reviews and opinions therein are purely my own and based on my own experiences on equipment I have bought with my own money! You will not find any technical testing of any kind, no MTF charts, no scores and certainly no expensive test equipment, all you will find is me rambling on about what I’ve used and what we currently own! Please take all of these points into consideration when reading the reviews!

To start with it makes most sense to review those items that can be used by all those that visit the site so expect to see tripods / bags / accessories first.

Hopefully these reviews will help some of you and if they do then it would be great to hear from you!



  • Pentax F* 250-600mm F5.6 – coming soon…
  • Pentax DA* 60-250mm – coming soon…
  • Pentax D-FA 100mm WR Macro – coming soon…




  • Pentax AF160 Ring Flash – coming soon…
  • Pentax D-BG4 Grip – coming soon…
  • Camouflage Tent – coming soon….


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